As an artist my priority is to create a visual impact, a reason to pause, providing an opportunity for exploration and reflection. In my more abstract work the imagery is hidden under layers of plaster, collage and paint revealing only suggestion of subject & meaning. I am led to explore countless materials and techniques as a means of expression. Commissioned and collaborative work has taken me down another path. Working with people, it is important to have reverence for their wishes while continuing to express ideas in my own artistic way. In this next chapter of my life I am inspired to not only continue to tell my story but to help others tell theirs.


Music, emotion and imagination are the inspirations for my abstract paintings. I strive to create large-scale atmospheric worlds of color; the compositions revealing both my formal training and my ability to make intuitive choices about form.  I paint predominantly in acrylic on wood panel. My formal methods are informed by graphic and landscape design, while a deep love for experimentation allows me to incorporate fluid elements of loose abstraction. Disciplined composition is balanced by ethereal expressions of space and time. Color and emotion leap from the canvas as I consistently strive to produce work that will make the audience feel rather than think.


All that I do is driven by my belief that creativity, passion and happiness can be inspired by the beauty of one’s surroundings. My goal is to invoke feeling through art and design, my approach to design being influenced by the freedom of art and my art, influenced by the constraints of design. You cant control how art makes you feel, you respond to it or you don’t; you have a connection with it, or you don’t. I enjoy learning about our collectors and their story; it is that collaboration that develops the connection between you and your commissioned piece of fine art.


Life consists of a series of events and perceptions each uniquely our own. Fleeting moments captured visually allow us to revisit experiences and re-connect with our emotions. These pieces are created for us to remember and share our past. 

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Jeff Katz
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